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This page features my favorite supplement resources that I use for personal and client health and fitness. If you use the links provided on this page, I will get a small percentage of the sale.
Tart cherry juice is one of my favorite natural methods to deal with soreness after a good workout or a deep massage. It also has the benefit of helping you sleep. If you have arthritis, it may help to reduce your pain. It has worked wonders for me. Just a tip–you can get this at Walmart or at most major grocery stores and likely for a better price. However, this page will give a lot of useful information on this product:

Personally, I don’t mind the tartness of the above juice. If you do though, you can also get the benefits of tart cherry juice through these capsules. This is the brand that I currently use and have really liked so far. The price is great for the value when compared to other tart-cherry capsules. While I prefer to drink the juice, the price really adds up, even when buying it from a discount store like Walmart or Winco. These capsules are much more cost effect:

This brand of tart cherry juice is mixed with a little apple juice which makes it much more pleasant than the brand listed above. To me, it tastes a little bit like liquid cherry pie:

Living in the northwest means that we are not getting enough vitamin D from sunshine alone. As you probably already know, we should supplement our vitamin D. There are many different brands and types of vitamin D available. I have tried many different ones myself. This one is my personal favorite. It is in liquid form and is combined with vitamin K for quick and maximum absorption. It is tasteless and the best deal that I could find for its value.

If you want to build muscle, it is important to make sure that you are getting plenty of protein. There are many different powders and shakes that are available. Many of them have added sugars and other things that I don’t want in my body. This one is my favorite. It is plain tasting, but it gives you all the protein that you need without any junk:

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