Do you have your own ministry or are you thinking of starting one? Did you know that the majority of ministries fail? Even ministries that survive can face serious challenges. About 80-90% of secular businesses fail in the first five years. Ministries have a slightly higher longevity rate than secular businesses, but many still fail or lose their mission. This resource page is meant to help fill in some of the missing pieces to this puzzle and to teach you how to succeed in doing God’s work by using God’s methods of leadership and problem-solving.

Elder Frazee sermons on leadership, history of Wildwood and other sermons relating to starting and running ministries:

Ministry Managment WDF Messages

Other useful messages and materials:

J.H.N. Tindall’s Testimony
God’s Miracle Hospital, by Herb Atherton
History of Our Medical Work, by E.A. Sutherland
A Handbook On Medical Missionary Work, by Charles Thomas
Start Right, Establishing a Successful Ministry.pdf, from OCI (Outpost Centers International)

Links to books for ministry management:

Counsels to Adventist Institutions–Doing Business God’s Way, by Ellen White
Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for Those Who Influence Others, by Cindy Tutcsh

Useful Links:

Outpost Centers International (OCI)
Adventist-laymen Services and Industries (ASI)
Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT)

Document on Why Adventist Institutions Fail. (email to request this document).

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  1. What an unbelievable, timely, and highly-needed blessing that brought tears to my eyes!

    God gave me a plan for ministry some time ago and has been preparing and equipping me for it, but I still felt something was lacking in my preparation in order to move forward. Your resource page was the “something” that was missing! I have already scoured the resources you shared and am asking God to order my days so that I will have time to dig deeper.

    I am so grateful for Brother Jesse using his God-given gifts, time, and means to create this resource and for not letting go of his vision to do this. This is truly a “prayer” come true!

    I will share this blessing far and wide.

    I am praying for Brother Jesse and the W.D. Frazee ministry. It continues to bless me and others in countless ways.

    May God richly bless you all!



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