While a woman was walking along a street in Chicago, two cars ran together, and there was a terrible smashup. Two or three bodies were lying there bleeding.

She was telling about it the next day to some friends, and she said, “Not long before that, I had a home nursing course, a Red Cross first aid course, and I remembered what I had learned. I went over and… sat on the curb, and put my head between my knees, because that’s the way to keep from fainting.”

She didn’t see anything funny about what she had said. Who was she thinking about? Herself. And it’s possible to be a nurse and be thinking about yourself.

We are going into some terrible catastrophes in just a little while. Germany and Japan had them in the last war, and don’t think this land of light that has been favored for all these years is going to escape. What are we going to think about when troubles are all around us a hundred times more than they are now? Are we going to think about how we can get away from all this and be where nothing is ever going to touch us? If there was a chance to get a place so far removed from the needs and sorrows and problems of humanity that they would never touch us, there are more people than we would like to think about who call themselves medical mission­aries who would be standing in line to get a few acres in that location.

You may say, “But Brother Frazee, I thought we were supposed to get in retired places.”

We studied Enoch’s outpost not long ago. Enoch got into retired places all right, but they were within traveling distance of the cities where the need was, where the sin was, where the sorrow was.

Friends, the plan of salvation is not something in which you and I selfishly isolate ourselves from the needs and sorrows and worries and sicknesses of others. Oh, no. Our Lord Jesus left the courts of glory where all was bliss, and came down and pitched His tent by the tents of men. He came into this pest house of a world, this laser house of sin and woe, and Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses. As a result, He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Yet He was anointed with the oil of gladness.

You and I can find the solution to our problems whether they are material, physical, or mental, whether our problem is lack of money or lack of health, or whether we are restless and discontent­ed. And if we have a spiritual problem that, try as we may, we can’t find peace and joy in God, the things we are studying may throw some light upon it. I offer it to you in that spirit.

“Those who would be overcomers must be drawn out of themselves, and the only thing which will accomplish this great work is to become intensely interested in the salvation of others.” -Fundamnetals of Christian Education page 207 I am so glad, therefore, that God has offered to let us link up with Him in this great work of helping others and blessing others. Aren’t you, friends?

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