Earth’s Last War 1-12

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0286 – 0297, Earth’s Last War 1 – 12
There are a number of parallels and contrasts in the book of Revelation and practical spiritual lessons that we can learn fromtoday.
1. Two Leaders-Lamb Dragon
2. Two Worships – Creator Creature
3. Two Laws Commandments of God The commandments of Men
4. Two Flags God’s Seal The Mark of the Beast
5. Two Women The Bride The Harlot
6. Two Spirits – Spirit of Prophecy Spiritualism
7. Two Revivals – The Loud Cry Satan’s Work
8. Two Harvests – Grain Grapes
9. Two Troubles – Jacob’s Great Time
10. Two Suppers – Manna Carrion
11. Two Cities- Zion Babylon
12. Two Choices – Robes Rags

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"God wants you as His friend." - Elder W.D. Frazee

W.D. Frazee (1876-1968) was an American evangelist, author, and Seventh-Day Adventist minister. He founded the Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute in Georgia in 1942, now Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital. Frazee’s influential sermons and publications impacted countless lives.

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