Husbands and Wives 1-8

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We are offering the first sermon of each series as a free sample: 1450, Husbands and Wives 1 of 8 – Therefore Shall and Man Leave His Father.mp3

Husbands and Wives 1-8 (1450 -1457) October – November 1969

Eight heart-to-heart talks on how to have success in marriage. This series is not intended to take the place of the many good marriage books and lectures that are available. Its unique contribution to couples is the insight into the sanctuary and how the marriage relation can best glorify God.

Titles in This Series:

  1. Therefore Shall a Man Leave His Father
  2. This is a Great Mystery
  3. Entereth in Within the Veil
  4. Everyone That Loveth Knoweth God
  5. My Beloved is Mine
  6. The Incense of Love
  7. Be Fruitful and Multiply
  8. Jacob’s Ladder