Coming Events & Crisis at the Close

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Have you ever wondered just what is the actual sequence of last-day events like the Sunday Law, close of probation, and the time of trouble? This compilation of transcribed audio sermons from the late W.D. Frazee explains the order of the final events and, more importantly, what to do now to prepare for them. The last section of this book is a beautiful yet striking parallel between the closing scenes of Christ’s life and the prayer experience of the 144,000. It has recently been reprinted in a more concise and easier-to-read format and costs approximately 25% less than the previous edition.

Many have enjoyed using this book for group studies (small groups, church prayer meetings, Sabbath School, etc.) to better understand the final events.

Chapter Titles:

Section 1 – Coming Events

1. Introduction
2. Three Angels’ Messages
3. National Sunday Law
4. The Loud Cry
5. Marvelous Working of Satan
6. Time of Trouble – The Plagues
7. The Deliverance
8. Seal of God and Mark of the Beast
9. Latter Rain – Part 1
10. Latter Rain – Part 2
11. The Shaking
12. Laodicea
13. Cleansing of the Temples

Chart: “Chronology of Last-Day Events” Timeline

Section 2 – Crisis at the Close

1. Christ Foretells the Sifting
2. Gethsemane
3. The Mob
4. The Trials
5. The Cross
6. The Triumph