Preparing for Marriage 1-8

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(0050-0057) December 1969 & January 1970
Learn God’s ideal method of preparing for courtship and marriage. This series is appropriate not only for those who are just starting a relationship but is appropriate for youth to begin preparing themselves years before they actually start a relationship.  Principles that you probably have never heard before. Simple yet profound insights that can make help you to see how Christ must be at the center of all our relationships.

1. That Your Joy May be Full
2. Love and Self-control
3.The Narrow Way Brings Joy
4. Early Steps
5. Important Questions
6 Pleasing Him
7 The Wedding Ceremony
8 Guarding the Home

About The Author

"God wants you as His friend." - Elder W.D. Frazee

W.D. Frazee (1876-1968) was an American evangelist, author, and Seventh-Day Adventist minister. He founded the Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute in Georgia in 1942, now Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital. Frazee’s influential sermons and publications impacted countless lives.

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Customers visiting the W.D. Frazee website consistently praise the powerful impact of the books and audio sermons, expressing gratitude for the spiritual growth and wisdom they’ve gained from these resources. The heartfelt reviews reflect a deep appreciation for the timeless, biblical truths shared by Elder W.D. Frazee, and the positive influence they’ve had on countless lives.