Ransom and Reunion – Through the Sanctuary

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Experience the love and justice of God blended in the infinite Ransom paid for our sins, and the infinite longing of God to be reunited to those for whom He died. Ransom and Reunion covers the purpose of our creation and the process of our redemption through the imagery of the sanctuary. Simple enough for a child to understand yet deep enough to challenge a scholar.

Chapter Titles:

1. What Are You Worth?
2. Solving the Great Problem
3. The Lamb That Dies
4. The Priest That Lives
5. The Day of Atonement
6. The Cure for Sin
7. Wounded Afresh
8. When Can the Sanctuary Close?
9. When It’s Easy to Do Right
10. The Way to the Holiest
11. “Let Us Draw Near”
12. “Blow the Trumpet in Zion”
13. The Blood of Sprinkling
14. Why Three Places?
15. All to Help Us
16. The Two Temples
17. The Kingdom, the Spirit, and the Sanctuary
18. “An Anchor… Sure”
19. The Great Disappointment
20. Reunion Forever