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Coming Events & Crisis at the Close


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Have you ever wondered just what is the actual sequence of last-day events like the Sunday Law, close of probation, and the time of trouble? This compilation of transcribed audio sermons from the late W.D. Frazee explains the order of the final events and, more importantly, what to do now to prepare for them. The last section of this book is a beautiful yet striking parallel between the closing scenes of Christ’s life and the prayer experience of the 144,000. It has recently been reprinted in a more concise and easier-to-read format and costs approximately 25% less than the previous edition. Many have enjoyed using this book for group studies (small groups, church prayer meetings, Sabbath School, etc.) to better understand the final events. For those who would like to order this timely book in quantity for that or other purposes, we have special discounts listed above.

Coming Events & Crisis at The Close chapter 1

Pages- 192

Chapter Titles:

Section 1 – Coming Events
1. Introduction
2. Three Angels’ Messages
3. National Sunday Law
4. The Loud Cry
5. Marvelous Working of Satan
6. Time of Trouble – The Plagues
7. The Deliverance
8. Seal of God and Mark of the Beast
9. Latter Rain – Part 1
10. Latter Rain – Part 2
11. The Shaking
12. Laodicea
13. Cleansing of the Temples
Chart: “Chronology of Last-Day Events” Timeline

Section 2 – Crisis at the Close
1. Christ Foretells the Sifting
2. Gethsemane
3. The Mob
4. The Trials
5. The Cross
6. The Triumph


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  1. Fred Tohm Sr

    I am Fred Tohm, from Chattaroy Washington. My goal is to serve the Lord in passing out books to help people find the Lord and learn what is coming in the near future, so that they can meet us all in Heaven. I retired in 1993, at the age of 68. In February I will be 90 years old. I am happy to buy the books, Coming Events and Crisis at the Close. The money that I spend is not mine anyway, it’s God’s. Everything we have is God’s and we are just using what He gave us. I love Him more than words can express. I will continue in my mission (of passing out these books) until I sleep in my grave or until we meet Him in the clouds on the way to Heaven!

  2. Lydia Law (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book that lays out end-time coming events in chronological order and is easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to both new and seasoned Adventists. I have begun a study group at my local church with this book. We have had visitors stop by and tell us that their father was baptised by W.D. Frazee. They also wanted a copy of this book to study for themselves. It is much better to be enlighten and know what is coming to past rather than remain in the dark. This is especially important in these last days as we see events and signs that have been discussed for years, unfolding before our very eyes. This book is packed with vital information and is so very much needed today!


    I am so thankful that the Lord lead me to this book. It helped me to make sense of the prophetic events in their order. It painted a clear picture in a practical way that anyone can understand. It shows not only what the last day events are, but how to prepare for them.

  4. john (verified owner)

    I’am glad there was a man who took the time and wrote the order of events for the coming storm he has left no guess work in the matter Coming Events and Crisis at the Close has helped me solidify my faith.

  5. Danna Gesellchen

    The book, Coming Events and Crisis at the Close has opened my eyes to the reality of the meaning of 1 Peter 2:21: “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps:…” Elder Frazee give a clear, Biblical description of the order and nature of final events in the first part of the book, as well as the preparation needed in order to make it through victoriously. In the second part, the comparisons of the experience of Christ with ours….well, it makes me think of Zechariah 12:10. When I look at Him, and what He experienced in order for me to have a chance to choose Him, my heart is filled with love as well as the impetus to allow Him to do whatever it takes in me to prepare me to “follow in His steps”–for His sake.

  6. Pastor Bryan A. Myers

    I find this book to be extremely enjoyable reading. It is based solidly on the Bible and lets us hear the foot steps of a soon coming Savior.

  7. Jesse Ravencroft

    This book was required for my college class on the life and teachings of Jesus. We read the last section of this book (the Crisis at the Close part) to go along with our study of Gethsemane, Calvary and the other aspects of the Christ’s sacrifice. Wow! We not only saw the message of the cross in a brand new light but we saw that it is present truth for us today more than any other topic!

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