Happy Holidays

A lot is happening at W. D. Frazee Sermons.

Our project manager, Jesse Ravencroft, has accepted a call to pastor a district in the Pennsylvania Conference. As such, we will be moving our inventory from Idaho to Pennsylvania, and Jesse’s wife, Kristen, and daughter, Hannah, will do most of the fulfillment of orders in the future. Please pray for this transition.

We had hoped to have our leadership book published this year. It has been submitted to TEACH Services and it is now properly named, Married to the Work. However, TEACH Services has told us that it may take about a year before we see any books printed. Our part is mostly done. All we have to do now is pay some more fees and approve their edits, design, cover, etc. We are waiting on them to finish those aspects.

Our autobiography of Elder Frazee is now ready to be printed after we finalize the cover. We are working with a couple of designers on that but the holidays and other things have delayed it a bit. However, this book should be printed and available within the next few months by God’s grace.

Many new sermons have been uploaded to YouTube. If you have not done so yet, please see our YouTube channel here.

Thank all of you for your prayers and support that have made all this possible. Many souls have been blessed as a result, and we pray that the greatest number will yet be reached.


To My Dear Friends–The Autobiography of Elder W. D Frazee

Leading a Ministry God’s Way

The Wildwood Story

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