Christian Leadership 1-11

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We are offering the first sermon of each series as a free sample. 1 of 11 Christian Administration (1966) – Government of Heaven.mp3

Christian Leadership 1-11 (1183-1193) 1969
Revolutionary ideas on leadership that are applicable to the home, church, business, industry, self-supporting institutions, and SDA conferences. Elder Frazee presents how to balance individuality with unity and cooperation, practical instruction on how to conduct ourselves in a business/board meeting, and how all these things are to relate to God.

  1. Government of Heaven
  2. Individually
  3. The Great Demonstration
  4. Order and Authority
  5. The Two Reins, part 1
  6. The Two Reins, part 2
  7. Leadership, part 1
  8. Leadership, part 2
  9. Counsel and Committee Work
  10. Managers and Committee
  11. How to Start a Leadership