Christian Leadership 1-11

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We are offering the first sermon of each series as a free sample: 1183, Christian Leadership (1966) 1 of 11 – Government of Heaven.mp3

Christian Leadership 1-11 (1183-1193) 1969
Revolutionary ideas on leadership that are applicable to the home, church, business, industry, self-supporting institutions, and SDA conferences. Elder Frazee presents how to balance individuality with unity and cooperation, practical instruction on how to conduct ourselves in a business/board meeting, and how all these things are to relate to God.

Titles in This Series:

  1. Government of Heaven
  2. Individually
  3. The Great Demonstration
  4. Order and Authority
  5. The Two Reins, part 1
  6. The Two Reins, part 2
  7. Leadership, part 1
  8. Leadership, part 2
  9. Counsel and Committee Work
  10. Managers and Committee
  11. How to Start a Leadership